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Adoption: my love story

I read a beautiful post today on my Sister in Love’s website. Another online friend is hosting 7 days of love. You can check out 7 days of love on So I Married a Mennonite here.

My Sister in Love’s post about the adoption of their oldest son really got me thinking…….

My life would be very different if not for adoption. For me, adoption is the start to my love story. My husband’s Mother was adopted, if not for her adoption she might never have met her husband and then I would not have met their son, my husband, my soul mate. I find it hard to imagine a world without my husband. My life would not be anything like it is now if it were not for adoption….and love.

My Sister in Love’s two children came to our family through adoption, and I can not imagine their lives or ours without these two beautiful boys. The true joy that being a family has brought them is so wonderful to witness.

So, although I have never adopted, and dont intend to, adoption has made a large impact on my life. I forget, sometimes, the true impact that adoption has had on my family and my life. I forget many things I should not forget.

It’s easy to forget the true face of the child waiting for a home, the child who sleeps on the floor or has nothing to eat. I forget…….I remember to be thankful, I remember to remind my children that they should finish their meals (after all there are children who go hungry daily, they should eat their food!), I remember them in my prayers (sometimes). That’s where is ends though. I usually don’t think much about these children waiting to find a home. I intend to think of them more often….these children need our prayers.

Take a moment, read a few posts, say a prayer for these children.

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